A $500,000 Endowment Fund to Support Bereaved and Financially Traumatized Families

In an effort to do more, for longer, the Unforgettables Fund established an endowment fund in 2009.

In 2017, we achieved our Endowment goal.  The funds are held in trust through the CHEO Foundation, our invaluable partner in this endeavour. By partnering with CHEO Foundation, we are able to minimize our administrative costs, and avoid the steep learning curve and financial expense of setting up a private endowment fund. Tax receipts are issued by our campaign partner, The CHEO Foundation.

We know that potential donors will be excited to hear about how their one-time gift can be preserved in an Endowment Fund so that it can keep giving year after year. All donations to the campaign will be deposited into a dedicated Unforgettables Endowment Fund administered by CHEO Foundation. Annual income generated by an endowment fund will support 10 families per year for many years to come.

An endowment fund will help bereaved families of Eastern Ontario memorialize their children, experience the process of a funeral service as part of the "path of healing," and allow them to reach out in a public ceremony to their support network of friends and family in their time of greatest need.